A surprise gesture of generosity was recently offered to the Waverly Senior Center in the form of a brand new table saw. Gary Wilson of Dubuque, a long time friend of Senior Center board member, Frank Zahn, knew that Zahn was wanting to purchase a table saw to add to the Senior Center’s wood shop. Zahn, who looks after the Senior Center’s wood shop, had offered to purchase Wilson’s table saw for the Center during a visit over Easter weekend, but instead, was surprised in church that Sunday, when Wilson handed Zahn a bill of sale. Wilson had purchased a brand new table saw and told Zahn to give him the address so it could be delivered.

“I was dumbfounded.” said Zahn, “I knew Gary for a long time. We were good friends and worked together on mission trips. I knew he was a charitable person, but I was without words when he told me he had actually purchased the saw.”

The brand new Delta Contractor table saw, is now in its new home at the Senior Center’s wood shop. Anyone who uses the Senior Center can use the saw during Center hours. Zahn is currently making use of the saw to build a new platform to safely transport his motorized scooter in his van.

“It works really well. It’s amazingly precise,” said Zahn of the saw.

Zahn is looking forward to more projects using the saw and hopes more people will make use of it among other tools available in the wood shop. Most of the tools donated are older, but still in good shape. Among the tools are a band saw, drill press, scroll saw, and lathe. Patrons are also welcome to bring their own tools.

“The facility is here and it is very nice. It’s great if you have a project or even just for hobby use,” said Zahn.

Zahn’s next mission is to add an updated radial arm miter saw to the wood shop.

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