The Beginning of the Waverly Senior Center

The Senior Citizens Project of Waverly, Iowa, had a gradual but steady development. It started as a reading club of elderly women before the group numbered too many for one house and they needed a bigger space. They began to meet in a log cabin sponsored by the Recreational Council of Waverly. This group grew until it required need for an organized board to steer the activities of the group.

Mitchell Manor

In October, 1970, the Senior Citizens Group, Inc undertook its most ambitious project yet – the buying of a house for its Center.

The history of the building started with being built by the grandmother of Elsie Crosby Mitchell. After a while, the house was sold to Tim Clary, who in turn sold it to Mrs. Gertrude Stauffer. The Farm Bureau later bought it, and in 1970 they sold it finally to the Senior Citizens Group.

The restoration of the Mitchell Manor was a long process, having to remove layers of paint, paper, paint, paper, and even calcimine and stencil. The woodwork had to be cleaned and scrubbed to be brought back to its original glory. Most the restoration of the Mitchell Manor was done by older people, with the oldest man helping being 83 years old, and one would have to make a guess at the age of the oldest women, since women never tell!

Service to the Community

As the Waverly Senior Center began to receive more support and attention, the program was able to expand their activities and services to the community. The program helped provide low rent housing for the elderly, job opportunities, the Meals-on-Wheels program, a clothes closet, volunteer transportation services, handcrafts and hobbies, athletics, and more!


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